Are you looking to expand your work experience?

Group of students working with a lecturerTalent Exchange sources challenges, projects and placements with small and medium size organisations for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These can be part of a taught course or an Extra Curricular Module for which you can receive additional credits.

There are organisations looking for your specific skills and knowledge. It is worth considering work related experience opportunities so that you can:

  • Put your learning into action in real workplace scenarios
  • Gain relevant experience and skills to build your CV
  • Build the content of your Higher Education Achievement Report through a range of education experiences
  • Expand your knowledge and awareness of business and make industry contacts
  • Improve your chances of success in the graduate employment market
  • Earn some extra money (relevant for some work related experiences)

Contact your Course Leader or Placement Office to get involved

Case Studies

  1. Talent Exchange - LR Senergy

    LR Senergy and Mike Al Alawi

    Yekemi Otaru, Marketing Strategist at LR Senergy and International Business Management student Mike Al Alawi discuss their collaboration on a marketing segmentation project and how it has brought benefits to both parties.

    LR Senergy and Mike Al Alawi

  2. Talent Exchange - Aberdeenshire Council

    Talent Exchange - Aberdeenshire Council

    Aberdeenshire Council discuss their experience working on an animation project with Communication Design student, Stuart Elliot.

    Aberdeenshire Council and Stuart Elliot

  3. Talent Exchange – Motiv8 Solutions Ltd

    Talent Exchange – Motiv8 Solutions Ltd

    Harvey Osborn from Motiv8 Solutions Ltd discusses his experience working with a team of MSc Project Management students including Happiness Robert.

    Motiv8 Solutions Ltd and Happiness Robert

  4. Talent Exchange - Aberdeen Drilling School

    Talent Exchange Video - Phil Burge

    Phil Burge, Technical Manager at Aberdeen Drilling School and RGU student Lucy Stewart speak about how offering opportunities for students to gain work experience benefits both parties.

    Aberdeen Drilling School and Lucy Stewart

  5. Talent Exchange - Wait For you

    Talent Exchange - Wait For you

    Donna Maver from Wait For You Ltd. discusses her experience working with a fourth year BA(Hons) Public Relations student, James Eastcroft.

    Donna Maver from Wait For You Ltd.

  6. Talent Exchange - Bistro Verde

    Talent Exchange - Bistro Verde

    Ciara Walker from Bistro Verde discusses the benefits for a small business of working with BA (Hons) Media student Nikki Mearns on their communications both on and offline.

    Ciara Walker from Bistro Verde