Prof Susan Klein
Title: Professor
First Name: Susan
Surname: Klein
Position: Principal RI Member
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263102

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Roles and responsibilities

  • Director, Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research.
  • Principal Member and Theme Leader for Neurological & Mental Health, Institute for Health & Wellbeing Research

Key research interests

Professor Klein’s research interests lie in the area of the psychosocial aspects of trauma, emergency preparedness and response, and  the impact of dealing with critical incidents on occupational groups including remote healthcare practitioners . Her key research interests and related expertise include the:

  • Identification of factors which conduce to and prevent psychosocial adjustment  post-trauma;
  • Evaluation of interventions, and
  • Design and production of high quality training materials including computer-assisted learning programmes and multimedia applications


Professor Klein is the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator for a number of externally funded research projects. These include:

  • 2013 -15 (£80,156) Dunhill Medical Trust. “Peer support for community dwelling older adults to facilitate self care of chronic low back pain”. In collaboration with Universities of Dundee and Greenwich. Cooper K, Smith BH, Schofield P, Klein S.
  • 2013-13 (17,190) [110% fEC] Shell International. “International medical evacuations and repatriations: A retrospective statistical review (2008-2012). In collaboration with the IRHC. Klein S, Williams H, Norman N.
  • 2013-14 (£4,712) Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. “Psychosocial and physical factors influencing employment in adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)”. Kirkpatrick P, Klein S, Knott R, Martindale S, Deveraux G.
  • 2013-14 (£28,858) Scottish Institute for Policing Research. “Interagency adult support and protection practice of police and health and social care professionals: A realistic evaluation approach”. In collaboration with Police Scotland. Sundari J, Klein S, Heyman I, Diack L, McCluskey S, Menzies C, Woolnough P.
  • 2011-13 (£344,197 [80% fEC]) Economic & Social Research Council. “Are the Armed Forces Understood and Supported by the Public? British Social Attitudes towards Members of the Armed Forces and Contemporary Conflicts.” In collaboration with King’s College London and NatCen. Dandeker C, Fear N, Klein S, Alexander DA, Wessely S, Bailey R.
  • 2009/2012 (£5,450) Scottish Institute for Policing Research. “Hostage and Crisis Incidents: an Evidence-based Analysis to Inform Police Negotiator Training Provision”. Alexander DA, Brown A, Menzies C, Klein S.
  • 2012 (£4,050) Scottish Institute for Policing Research. “Authorised firearms officers (AFOs): what factors attract police officers to and deters them from firearms training – a longitudinal and cross constabulary comparison”. Alexander DA, Woolnough P, Klein S.
  • 2009-12 (£153,861) Headley Court Trust. “The identification of factors which conduce to and prevent rehabilitation and adjustment in military personnel following combat-related injury: A pragmatic evaluation of patients and their partners.” Alexander DA, Klein S.
  • 2009 (£13,215) [100% fEC] Scottish Government. “Scoping Review: A Needs-Based Assessment and Epidemiological Community-Based Survey of Ex-Service Personnel and their Families in Scotland”. In collaboration with Combat Stress. Klein S, Alexander DA, Busuttil W.
  • 2007-2011 (£50,270) Scottish Institute for Policing Research/ Robert Gordon University. “A Three Year Longitudinal Survey of Resilience and Well-being in a Scottish Police Force”. Alexander DA, Klein S.

Currently, she is also the Principal Supervisor for five research degree projects investigating a variety of health and welfare-related topics aligned to her  research interests and expertise,


As Director of the Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research, Professor Klein's teaching commitments predominantly pertain to undertaking invited local, national, and international seminars and workshops in trauma management for undergraduates and postgraduates from a range of disciplines including nursing and midwifery, occupational medicine, social work, clinical psychology and psychiatry. As the Principal Member and Theme Leader for Neurological & Mental Health, she is also responsible for the coaching and mentoring of members of the Institute for Health & Wellbeing Research.


  • MA(Hons)  in Psychology, University of Aberdeen
  • PhD,Faculty of Medicine, University of Aberdeen
  • Cert COSCA in Counselling Skills, University of Aberdeen
  • WHO Certified Trainer for the International Study of Health and Stress Diagnostic Interview, Universities of Michigan and Harvard, USA

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress (ESTSS)
  • Member of the UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS)Member of the Institute of Remote Health Care (IRHC)
  • CouncilMember of the IRHC Executive Committee
  • Chair of the IRHC Research Committee

Publications (selected)

  • Klein S, Alexander DA, Busuttil W (2012). Scoping Review: A Needs-Based Assessment and Epidemiological Community-Based Survey of Ex-Service Personnel and their Families in Scotland. Final Report. The Scottish Government.
  • Gribble R, Wessely S, Klein S, Alexander DA, Dandeker C & Fear NT (2012). The UK Armed Forces: Public support for the troops but not the missions? British Social Attitudes: the 29th Report. A. Park, Clery E, Curtice J, Phillips M and Utting D. London, NatCen Social Research.
  • Klein S (2012). Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. In: Oxford Textbook of Occupational Health. (eds, J Smedley, F Dick, and S Sadhra) Oxford University Press.
  • Klein S, Cumming GP, Lee AJ, Alexander DA and Bolsover D (2012). Evaluating the effectiveness of a web-based intervention to promote mental wellbeing in women and partners following miscarriage using a modified patient preference trial design: An external pilot.BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. doi:10.1111/j.1471-0528.2012.03302.x
  • Alexander DA and Klein S (2012). Mental health, trauma and bereavement. In: Grief, Loss and Bereavement: Evidence and practice for health and social care practitioners. (eds. P Wimpenny and J Costello). Routledge, London.
  • Klein S and Alexander DA (2011). Impact of trauma within organisations. In: Managing trauma in the workplace, (ed, N Tehrani). Routledge, London.
  • Alexander DA and Klein S (2011). Human reactions to trauma: their features and management. In: Practical Prehospital Care. The Principles and Practice of Immediate Care (eds, I Greaves, K Porter, J Smith) Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, London.
  • Deahl M, Klein S and Alexander DA (2011). The cost of conflict: meeting the mental health needs of serving personnel and service veterans. International Review of Psychiatry, 23, 201-209
  • Alexander DA and Klein S (2010). Hostage-taking: motives, resolution, coping and effects. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 16, 176-183.
  • NATO Joint Medical Committee (2009). Non-binding Guidance. "A model for designing, delivering, and managing psychosocial services for people involved in major incidents, conflicts, disasters and terrorism". (Klein S was a member of the Guidance Development Advisory Group and the Research Assessment Team for this production).
  • Klein S and Alexander DA (2009). Epidemiology and presentation of post-traumatic disorders. Psychiatry, 8(8), 282-287.

Invited Talks (selected)

  • Klein S. Psychosocial Resilience in First Responders. Invited Plenary Talk. BASICS Scotland Conference 10th Anniversary, Nairn, Scotland, 14-15 September, 2012.
  • Klein S. Engendering resilience within the Emergency Services. Key Note Address. CISM Network Ireland, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland,18 June, 2012.

Scholarly Contributions (selected)

  • Invited member of the: Grampian Strategic Coordinating Care for People Liaison Group; Aberdeen City Care for People Liaison Group; Emergency Preparedness Offshore Liaison (EPOL) Group; Scottish Government (SG) Trauma Advisory Group; SG Guidance Development Group – Preparing Scotland [psychosocial/mental health needs].