The Climbing Zone offers Climbing Courses, Taster or Refresh Sessions, Kids Club, Family Sessions and Inductions


  • Already able to put on a harness, tie in, and belay safely? Have an instructor sign you off as having the ability to use the climbing wall in a safe and competent manner.
  • Running for just half an hour, an assessment is mandatory before gaining access to the climbing facilities.
  • Assessed climbers are eligible to sign in up to two non-assessed buddies aged 5 years and above.
  • No teaching or assistance will be provided during Assessments. These are purely to assess your current ability to use the wall safely.


  • During the University Academic Year (roughly 20 September to 30 April each year, varying) during Monday evenings from 1900 to 2200, the Climbing area will be closed to public access, as RGU Shelterstone Climbing Club have sole access to the Climbing Wall and Bouldering Room.
  • If any courses or private bookings are in, they will have priority of lines. You may be asked to move from a line if it is specifically needed. If anything big is on, we will try to let you know on our Facebook page.
  • Children’s Climbing Clubs operate 1630 to 1800 on Mondays and Wednesdays during Aberdeen City School Term Time and so the Climbing Area may be busy during these times.

Climbing Parties

  • Parties are available for ages 5-15 and for groups of 8 (maximum 16). Parties last for one hour and may include some time in the bouldering room (subject to time and availability.)
  • All equipment will be provided and is included in the cost of the party.
  • To book, contact reception or pop in to RGU SPORT to speak to a member of staff.
  • Catering is available from our café operator, contact details can be provided.


T: 01224 263666

Kids Climbing Club

Completed a Learn to Climb, or been to Kids Camps at RGU SPORT? Why not continue climbing with our Kids Climbing Clubs.

RGU Sport kids climbing.jpgRunning throughout school term time the club is open to those who have completed a Learn To Climb course. Meet new friends, improve your climbing or just have fun. This club is a great way for children to keep climbing without having to rely on parents and guardians to be there.

  • Two age groups, 5 - 10yrs and 11 - 15yrs
  • Monday 11 - 15yrs
  • Wednesday 5 - 10yrs
  • 16.30 - 18.00
  • 5 - 10yrs Climbing Club Prices £5.50 Member / £6.50 Non-Member
  • 11 - 15yrs Climbing Club Prices £6.00 Member / £7.00 Non-Member
  • Kids Club Kit Hire - no charge

Child members can book spaces over the phone and pay upon arrival to the club. Phone bookings will be taken from 1500 onwards on day of Climbing Club.

In the event where a space has been booked and the child does not turn up the charge will remain against the members account until it has been cleared. Phone booking will only be available to members who have no outstanding amounts on their account.

Climbing Courses

All courses must be booked 48 hours in advance. RGU SPORT reserves the right to cancel a course within 48 hours if the minimum number of two people is not met.

Learn To Climb

Courses introducing rock climbing on an indoor wall are available for both adults and children. Adult courses last three weeks, with a two-hour session each week. Children's courses last four weeks, with a one-hour session per week.

All of the basics are covered, from tying in and belaying to climbing technique and bouldering. The participants will work towards being assessed on the last week so they can return and climb unsupervised (adults only). Equipment hire is included in the price of the course.

Family Learn To Climb

Family climbing lessons are three 2.5 hour sessions and are designed to provide parents with the required skills to pass the RGU SPORT assessment. While parents learn knots, belay technique and safe climbing tips and techniques children will be enjoying climbing. Course is limited to 2 adults and 2 children.

aster Sessions

For one hour you can sample what indoor climbing has to offer and gain an insight into what is involved in the Learn to Climb course.

Refresher Courses

Our professional instructors can help you in any area you feel you need help to ensure safe usage of the climbing facilities. You then progress onto the assessment required for use of the climbing wall. Sessions last one hour. Equipment hire is not included in the price of this session.

Group Bookings

External and internal lead sessions are available for corporate or private group bookings. Preferential rates are available for youth and school groups. For further information please contact us.

If you do not see what you are looking for, why not get in touch and we will see if we can accommodate your request.


T: 01224 263666


RGU SPORT General Activities Booklet 2017 (PDF 225KB)

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