All students are required to enrol/register at the start of each stage of their course. For NEW students a link to Enrol Online is provided in the RGyoU Student Portal – Welcome page. Continuing students will receive an email, providing a link to Enrol Online each time they need to re-enrol.

During the online enrolment/registration process, you will be required to confirm your personal details, including your home (permanent) address and term-time (contact) address, telephone numbers, and course of study. At the end of online enrolment you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of the University. These are provided below for your reference.

NB: New students will receive enrolment details from the Admission Team as part of the admissions process.  New full-time Nursing students are required to provide their National Insurance Number and all Nursing students are encouraged to provide their Nursing and Midwifery Council Pin Number when they have this.

Payment Options

How and if you pay your fees will depend upon a number of factors. We have included full information about fee payment - including information for sponsored, overseas, self funding and for government funded students.

Further information regarding payment options:

How to Pay

Supported Enrolment

Any student requiring assistance with enrolment may attend a supported enrolment session.

Supported Enrolment will take place at the Georgina Scott Learning Centre at Aberdeen Business School, Garthdee Campus, Aberdeen from the 21 – 29 January 2019.

UK Supported Enrolment

Any UK student requiring special assistance should attend a supported enrolment session.  These sessions will run from 21-29 September from:

  • 09:00am to 14:00pm

International and EU Supported Enrolment

All new International and EU students must attend an International and EU supported enrolment session. These sessions will run twice daily on the 21 and 22 January 2019 starting at:

  • 09.30am 
  • 12.30pm

From the 23 January to the 29 January 2019 these sessions will run once a day starting at:

  • 09:30am

How to get to the Aberdeen Business School Building

How to Find Us

Exterior the Health and Social Care Building

The Robert Gordon University campus and business locations are easily accessible by car, train and bus.

ID Cards

All students who will be coming on campus require an ID card to obtain access to University buildings. ID cards are also required for sitting assessments on any campus and for borrowing books from the University Library.

During Semester ID Cards are issued after enrolment: 

  • International Students will be given their ID cards as part of the Orientation/Enrolment process.
  • New Full-Time Students, who have enrolled online and uploaded a photo, can collect their ID card 2 days later at the Student Helppoint in the Ishbel Gordon Building (formerly the Health and Social Care building).
  • Continuing Full-time Students can collect their ID card at the Student Helppoint in the Ishbel Gordon Building (formerly the Health and Social Care building).

Specific arrangements for during the September and January peak enrolment times will be provided in advance.

Photo Upload For Student ID Card

When you have successfully completed your online enrolment, you can use the Photo Upload option to add your image to your new student ID card.

Please prepare your photo to match these requirements:

  • Passport Format (Must be a full front view of your head and shoulders only)Passport Photo Silhouette
  • Layout should be portrait as shown in example, landscape (horizontal) photos will not be accepted.
  • The file must be in jpeg, png or gif format. Other formats will not be accepted
  • File size should not exceed 2MB
  • Must be in color (black and white photos will not be accepted)
  • Do not retouch or otherwise enhance or soften photo

You might find it convenient to take a photo using a Smartphone. 

This photo will be your student ID card picture throughout your time at RGU. Please keep this in mind when selecting your photo.

If you require a replacement ID card due to loss or damage, students on campus can visit the Student Help Point at the Faculty of Health and Social Care Building, Garthdee If you are a distance learning student, please email the Student Records Team.

Students who wish to send in a photograph either by email or post instead of uploading a photograph should submit the following form. This form should only be submitted by students on a distance learning course or students on a placement:

Postal Student ID Card After Enrolment

After you have successfully completed your online enrolment, please complete the following form to request your new student ID card by post.

This form should only be submitted by students on a distance learning course or students on a full year placement.

Please note forms submitted before the online enrolment process has been completed will be discarded.

Submit your Photograph for Student ID Card by post (DOC 28KB)

Further information