The Centre for Smart Data Technologies aims to bring the benefits of analysing and mining vast quantities of data to industry.

Launched on Tuesday 09 September 2014, the centre focuses on big data analytics, particularly for the oil and gas sector. The industry will secure huge efficiencies from the use of analytics to extract added value for processes such as increasing speed to first oil, enhancing production, improved asset maintenance and reliability, reducing risks in health and safety and the environment, and reducing costs.

Big DataSmart Data Technologies Centre

‘Big Data’ is a general term relating to datasets that are characterised by the “three Vs” - high volume of data, high velocity of data generation, and high variety from heterogeneous data and different sources. The oil and gas industry has identified a strong business need to make use of the vast data generated by exploration and production operations, with offshore installations providing terabytes of data daily. Mining and analysing this data to seek new efficiencies could be greatly beneficial, as even low efficiency gains can be worth millions.

The Centre

The Centre for Smart Data Technologies launched with a core team of up to 10 research staff, alongside business development and administrative support, building on RGUs expertise in data modelling, smart information systems and knowledge management. It provides a collaborative facility involving academic and industry partners, with purpose-driven research aimed at solving key technical challenges in the monitoring and management of subsea fields. The partner network contains strategic IT partnerships, major companies from the IT or Oil & Gas sectors, and SMEs in the supply chain.

The centre's objectives include:

  • Creating an R&D hub that provides opportunities to grow close working relationships with leading operators and contractors to solve key technical challenges in the monitoring and management of subsea fields;
  • Developing leading-edge intelligent analytics technologies for big data generated by subsea installations that supports high-value decision making and enables knowledge retention in offshore exploration and production;
  • Training a generation of competent data/information scientists to address the skills shortage and future opportunities in the industry; and
  • Attracting significant UK/EU funding to support a portfolio of joint R&D projects and to shape training programmes in this specialised area.

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