After much hard work from individuals and groups across the dietetic profession in Scotland, we now have a finalised version (for 2015-2016) of the new Placement Portfolios .

You will find a PDF versions on this page, as well as Word versions which allows students to complete some aspects electronically.

Placement Learning Outcomes for A,B & C (PDF 94KB)

Summary of Practice Weeks Evidence Placement B (DOC 49KB)

Summary of Practice Weeks Evidence Placement C (DOC 52KB)


Student Placement A Portfolio 2017-2018 (PDF 1MB)

Student Placement A Portfolio 2017-2018 (DOC 2MB)


Student Placement B Portfolio 2017-2018 (PDF 1.4MB)

Student Placement B Portfolio 2017-2018 (DOC 1.8MB)


Student Placement C Portfolio 2017 - 2018 (PDF 1.2MB)

Student Placement C Portfolio 2017 - 2018 (DOC 700KB)


Review of placement forms for Practice Educator and Student to complete


Review of Placement A (DOC 180KB)

Review Placement B (DOC 145KB)

Review Placement C (DOC 140KB)

Placement Provider Feedback

Dear Practice Educator,

As you are aware, over the last 2 years we have been actively reviewing and revising our placement learning outcomes, resources and assessment tools.  The A placement pilot commenced in January 2016, and the first cohorts of B and C students will be starting in April and July 2016 respectively. 

Understandably, it is really important to the success of our placements that we keep the dialogue between the Placement Providers and Universities going, so we are keen to hear your feedback or recommendations.  To this end, we have set up a dedicated email address ( to enable you to ‘post’ your observations, comments, suggested changes etc.  These should not be specific to any students that you host on placement, but should relate to the placement materials that have been under review.

The e-mail address will act as a repository for all information until the review stage of that placement (A, B or C).  At this point, we will collate the information and identify what actions should be taken for the following year placement cycle.    As a reminder, the pilot and review stages are as follows:


‘Pilot’ cohorts

Reflect and revise


January & Summer 2016

September 2016


April, July & September 2016

November 2016-April 2017


July & October 2016

April-July 2017

You will receive an automatic reply to confirm that your e-mail has been received.  Please feel free to send your comments, ideas, or changes periodically as and when they arise, or alternatively you can leave these to send in one large email.  You are also welcome to circulate the e-mail address to your departmental colleagues so that they can contribute too.

Scottish Cluster