Information for current dietetic students.

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British Dietetic Association

The British Dietetic Association offers free student membership for your first year.

Placement Allocation

You may have a number of questions which relate to how we organise the allocation of placements to students.

We have a detailed policy on the process which is available for you to view below. If you have further questions about the allocation policy and procedures, you should direct these (in the first instance) to the Course Leader at your University.

Scottish Allocation System (PDF 269KB)

Scottish Dietetic Practice Placement Allocations - Key Points (PDF 78KB)


Over the course of your studies, you will have various forms to complete in relation to your clinical placements.

Your academic tutor will provide guidance on how to complete these forms, and will let you know when you must submit these to your University.

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Placement Forms and Guidance Documents

Placement Application Forms

Pre-Placement Forms

Placement Evaluation Form

Extended Placement Application Form

Placement Guidance Documents

Attendance and Absence during Dietetic Practice Placements (A, B & C)

Please familiarise yourself with the attached document on attendance and absence relating to placement A, B & C.

Guidance on Attendance and Absence during Dietetic Practice Placements