Socio-Technical Systems brings together applied research interests that have a common focus on users and their requirements.

The Socio-Technical Systems research group investigates the interactions between information technologies, design methods and people. The group researches both organisation-level software design, development and adoption methods as well as user-focussed design technologies such as user simulation through cognitive modelling, face recognition and modelling, location/situation-aware systems, visualisation and mobile technologies.

Applications in areas: 

  • Oil and Gas 
  • Medicine
  • Engineering 
  • Finance Sector

Group members interests in field of:

  • Visualisation
  • Usability and HCI
  • Human Cognitive and Performance Modelling
  • Procedural Learning
  • Mobile computing
  • 3D facial Modelling
  • Location Aware Computing
  • Cloud-Hosted Application Software Services

Current projects

  • User Centred Blended Learning System (KTP with Polaris ltd.)
  • 3D/4D Interactive Augmented Visualisation (KTP with J  Jones and Sons)
  • Size and Shape of the Offshore Workforce: 3D Anthropometric Survey (KTP with Oil and Gas UK)
  • Agile Software Development of Cloud Computing Services  (KTP with Add Latent Ltd.)
  • Energy Management, Monitoring and Reporting System (KTP with WML ltd.)
  • Creating High-value Cloud Services (SFC Horizon)

Recent projects 

  • dePICT (Developing the ICT Business Base)


  • Daniel Doolan

    Daniel Doolan

    Main research interest is mobile computing, graphics and multimodal interaction.  

  • Eyad Elyan

    Eyad Elyan

    Dr. Elyan is an active researcher at the Institute for Innovation, Design & Sustainability at Robert Gordon University. His principal research interests are in the areas of 3D object Modelling and Recognition.  

  • Richard Glassey

    Richard Glassey


  • Jean-Claude Golovine

    Jean-Claude Golovine


  • Patrik Holt

    Patrik Holt

    Research Professor in the School of Computing at Robert Gordon University, and Director of the Computational Systems Joint Research Initiative.  

  • Students

  • Dahiru Abubakar

    Dahiru Abubakar

    Researching into cloud computing in sub-Saharan Africa  

  • Richard Akinlofa

    Richard Akinlofa


  • Ibrahim Alwawi

    Ibrahim Alwawi

    Cognitive Modelling and Control of Human Error Processes in Human-Computer Interaction with Safety Critical IT Systems in Telehealth.  

  • Malcolm Clark

    Malcolm Clark Profile

    Malcolm Clark recently completed his PhD, studying structured text retrieval with an emphasis on genre. He also carried out user-centred evaluation for the SocialSensor project.  

  • Laud Ochei


    Research Student  

  • Azmi Omar

    Azmi Omar Image

    Developing indicators of the failure or success of e-government systems design, implementation and deployments, which can improve decision making, reduce costs and provide better public services.