Research in Computing at RGU brings together researchers in computer science and engineering with a diverse range of specialisms and experience.

Our vision is to carry out leading-edge applied computer science research with a high industrial and societal impact. We bring novel technology, theoretical innovation and scientific rigour to bear on tough and demanding real-world problems.

We have four main research groups, each of which serves as a focus for academic research and international collaboration, as well as the recently launched Centre for Smart Data Technologies.

Our research has been successfully applied across a broad range of industrial and societal areas including engineering, medicine, aerospace, telecommunications, transport, journalism, and heritage. We are always keen to extend our collaboration with industrial partners, which include leading multinational companies as well as small and medium sized enterprises.

Research Groups:

  1. Computational Intelligence

    Teaser Computational Intelligence

    The Computational Intelligence research group has a primary focus in the three related areas of evolutionary algorithms, data mining, probabilistic modelling, and parallel computing.

  2. Socio-Technical Systems

    Socio-Technical Systems Banner

    Socio-Technical Systems brings together applied research interests that have a common focus on users and their requirements.

  3. Artificial Intelligence Research Group

    The AI group develops innovative digital technologies for building and applying intelligent information systems to real-world problems.

  4. FITsense

    Dalmore Fit Home

    Developing a fall prediction system that can be installed in peoples’ homes


  1. Centre for Smart Data Technologies

    Smart Data Technologies Banner

    The Centre for Smart Data Technologies aims to bring the benefits of analysing and mining vast quantities of data to industry, particularly the oil and gas sector.