Research in Art & Design at Gray's School of Art examines the scope for intervention of the artist and designer.

This research responds to cultural, environmental and economic challenges, working within sustained academic and non academic partnerships. 

Grays has pioneered methodologies of practice-led, co-creative research over two decades.

Current research

There are three research groups:

Art in Practice

srcImageTeaserArt in Practice

The Art in Practice group is concerned with the construction of artefacts and meaning representing new perspectives on identity and place.

Art In Public

srcImageTeaserArt In Public

Art in Public seeks to understand and generate new forms of the artist’s role in society.

Design in Society

srcImageTeaserDesign in Society

The Design in Society group seeks to develop design principles within the multiple contexts on which design impacts.


Doctoral and postdoctoral research is key to the vibrancy of Gray’s research:

Current Research Degrees at Gray's

Completed Research Degrees at Gray's