The Art in Practice group is concerned with the construction of artefacts and meaning representing new perspectives on identity and place.

This groups’ collaborations have led to innovative approaches to exhibition and portfolio as a publishing mechanism drawing together regional, national and international networks of practitioners and importantly sustaining the artistic control of the process of making the work public.

Mentoring between experienced researchers and practitioners has resulted in new forms of output that reveal both process and partnerships.

Michael Agnew - Life in an Aberdeen Studio

Michael Agnew "Life in an Aberdeen Studio". Collage Drawing. 2011. Hurricane Lamb.

Past Projects:

Hurricane Lamb. 9th July to 31st October 2011. Duff House, Aberdeenshire. Michael Agnew with Andrew Cranston, David McCracken, Lennox Dunbar, Adam Dant, Paul Housley, Georgia Russell and Donald Urquhart.

Making Nature. June/July 2013. Kendal Museum, Cumbria. David Blyth.

East International, July/August 2009. Norwich University College of the Arts. Andrew Cranston
Back to things themselves. 20th April – 7th May 2012. The Briggait, Glasgow. Judy Spark with Lesley Punton


  • Michael Agnew

    Michael Agnew

    Subject leader in printmaking whose research investigates extremes of reality/fantasy in relation to Scottish literature & history, autobiography, apocrypha and place.  

  • David Blyth

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    David Blyth is a lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice whose research inquiry addresses the practice of Taxidermy as a vehicle to deconstruct notions of skill, making, expertise and amateurism.  

  • Andrew Cranston

    Andrew Cranston

    Andrew Cranston is a lecturer in painting with a research interest in how painting, drawing and architectural space relates to literary fiction.  

  • Jim Hamlyn

    Jim Hamlyn

    Jim Hamlyn is a subject leader for Photographic & Electronic Media whose research interest in fine art focuses specifically on the ephemeral (water and light) within public and private space.  

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