"The Project aims to establish the benefits that people derive from green areas in European towns and cities. The objective is to advance the planning and design of all types of urban green space."

Rationale for the project

Many European towns and cities possess attractive parks and recreational areas. The Greenspace project will develop methodologies that identify the types and variety of open and green space that best satisfy people's needs. Using case studies, it will demonstrate how public participation can be brought into the strategic planning of "greenspace" on a continuing basis.

Greenspace makes an essential contribution to the quality of life of urban residents. It provides a recreational resource, a peaceful retreat, a medium for social interaction, safe and exciting play areas for children, a reserve habitat for urban wildlife, and an attractive backdrop to built developments. Yet greenspace is often seen as a lower priority than many other local or central government responsibilities.

The current portfolio of greenspace is largely a legacy of earlier decades and in relatively few urban areas has the planning and development of urban squares, parks, country parks, green corridors and urban nature reserves been approached in a comprehensive manner. 

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