In 2003 the Visualisation Group at the Scott Sutherland School were awarded funding from the Torshavn Fund to carry out a unique heritage assessment of a historic site known as Tinganes in the Faroe Islands.

The project delivered a highly detailed, photorealistic computer model of the area of Tinganes as well as a model of the fishing community at Footdee in Aberdeen.

In February 2004 team leader Dr Richard Laing and Stephen Scott embarked on a 4 day reconnaissance mission to the Faroes Islands to carry out and in-depth survey of the site at Tinganes. Details of this trip can be found through the links above.

Tinganes Image 1

photographs of Tinganes, taken Feb 2004

Project aims

The project had 2 aims:

  • To carry out a study assessing the heritage values associated with the tradition of timber grass-roofed buildings and narrow passageways that make up the old town centre of Torshavn known as Tinganes. This will be contrasted with traditional building materials and conservation techniques used in fishing communities near Aberdeen, and in particular that at Footdee.
  • To present the results of the study through the use of high quality 3-demensional computer models of the areas studied, and to make the presentations available for widespread dissemination.