A major theme of our research is the social, economic and environmental impact of sustainable housing.

This is a broad, interdisciplinary area with a focus on the design and assessment of sustainability in domestic-scale built environments. The theme includes studies of energy and the physical performance of whole buildings and building elements, as well as studies and designs which address drivers, attitudes, perceptions and social aspects of sustainable housing. It includes the development of assessment methods for aspects of sustainability, investigation of the introduction of sustainability principles into design education (Kouider) and studies of the material sustainability of building structures.

A prominent aspect of work in the school is that of practice-led research. This has led to a series of very highly acclaimed built designs which, in developing sustainability principles, have won a number of awards pertaining to social inclusion, environmental performance and aesthetic design.

The theme has produced a wide range of outputs, notable for the fact that they include practice-based research, often contributing to or complemented by published articles.

The Housing Research & Practice Unit provides a platform for much of the theme's research, including Professor Deveci’s research-based architectural practice.

Other research projects since 2008 include:

Previous projects include:

Housing Research & Practice Unit

srcImageTeaserHousing Research & Practice Unit

An architectural design & research laboratory based within the Scott Sutherland School.


  • Amar Bennadji

    Amar Bennadji

    Amar is a Lecturer whose research interests include energy conservation, retrofitting, CAD and virtual reality.  

  • Gökay Deveci

    Deveci, Gokay

    Gokay Deveci is Professor of Architecture at the Scott Sutherland School and has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing.  

  • Michael Dignan

    Michael Dignan

    Michael is Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Surveying  

  • Tahar Kouider

    Tahar Kouider

    Tahar is Programme Leader for all Undergraduate courses; Architecture, Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Surveying and Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology.  

  • Peter Strachan

    Professor Peter Strachan

    Professor of Energy Policy and Environmental Management  

  • David Vila Domini

    David-Vila Domini

    David is a Lecturer in Architecture whose research interests include the history & theory of architecture, contemporary Spanish architecture and 20th century parliamentary architecture.  

  • Students


  • Temitope Ajibade

    Tope Ajibade

    Research into laterite as a construction material with high potentiality for sustainable construction in Nigeria.  

  • Isra’a Fardous

    Isra'a Fardous

    Researching the exploitation of energy use through conservation of identity in the sustainable interior architect.  

  • Azar Farshidi

    Azar Farshidi

    Theorizing social interaction and its implication on designing residential developments in UK.  

  • Daniel Herrera Gutierrez-Avellanosa

    Daniel Herrera Profile

    Daniel is a Lecturer in Building Surveying at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment.  

  • Raju Noor

    Raju Noor

    Research-based practice within architectural design.  

  • Past:

    • Leanne Townsend
    • Tony Craig
    • Jonathan Scott
    • Eileen Smith