Towards a Generic, Competency-Based Performance Management Framework For UK Construction Occupations.

This research aims to develop a competency-based performance management (PM) framework to act as a platform, from which construction companies can integrate their own organisationally determined performance requirements. 

Basing a PM tool around occupational competency standards represents a radical departure from the appraisal and review strategies currently used within the industry. However, competency-based PM is well established within other manufacturing sectors, which have used it to improve employee performance and productivity.

The pilot study is developing a PM system for the construction project management role in the first instance. The system will take into account both the skill requirements of the organisation (assessed from succession management requirements; individual project and divisional skill needs; client priorities; workload expectations; business development needs; performance management objectives); and the individual perspectives of employees on their job roles and career development needs.

The final model will represent a state-of-the-art 'multiple appraisal' technique, utilising quantitative and qualitative methods to provide a participative, developmental approach to managing employee performance. The project involves Loughborough University and Robert Gordon University, along with several industrial partners: Shepherd plc, Birse plc, and Rolls-Royce plc.

Initial results have identified two key competencies (behaviours) relevant to performance management. This has, in turn, attracted a further industrial partner to the research.

EPSRC Grant (GR/R12916/02)

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