The aim of this theme is to concentrate on process rather than product in the development of built environments, with a view to investigating and improving the performance of both the design and construction processes and the end product.

There are again strong tie-ins with other themes with an emphasis on methods of assessment and the aim of achieving sustainability and inclusivity in the end product.

Our research in this theme is concerned with the performance of the management process in projects and ensuring the optimum operation of the professional team. It is also concerned with managing the process to ensure the optimum performance of the built asset. This is pursued by a multidisciplinary team looking at the implementation of life cycle costing technique in the Construction, Property, Oil and Gas industries and at procurement processes.

Research within the theme:


  • Bassam Bjeirmi

    Bassam Bjeirmi profile

    Bassam is Associate Head of the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment. He has an extensive experience in the development and delivery of training programs for the private and public sectors. His main subject area is construction and generic project management.  

  • Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon is a lecturer on Project and Construction Management.  

  • David Moore

    David Moore

    David Moore is an Academic Strategic Lead and Postgraduate Programme Manager.  

  • Research Students:

  • Ahmad Baghdadi

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    Researching the allocation of risks in the context of Saudi aviation construction projects.  

  • Abdulhakeem Garba

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    Researching the provision of sustainable electricity in Nigeria.  

  • Jeremy Lambert

    Jeremy Lambert Profile

    Developing a scheduling methodology that accommodates for variability, uncertainty and complexity at the commencement of mega-construction projects in the Engineering, Procure and Construction (EPC) environment.  

  • Past:

    • Mohammed Kishk
    • Erik Kristensen
    • Omayma Motaleb
    • Clare Parks
    • Clive Robertson
    • Ndibarafinia Tobin
    • Andrew Whyte
    • Grant Wilson