The aim of this theme is to explore those aspects of theory (Lewis), pedagogy (McClean, Penn) and higher education (Laing), which directly influence the future direction of education in architecture and the built environment, in terms of both content and process.

The work has been undertaken through funded collaboration with leading organisations and professional bodies in the field, including CEBE, and takes a prominent position in UK national debate on the subject.

With work in the public domain since 2008, the theme has attracted funding from CEBE, the RICS and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

Research within the theme:


  • Silvia Bassanese

    Silvia Bassanese

    Silvia is a Lecturer in Architecture. She is the Leader of Build Our Nation, an international experimental project of innovative education in Design Studio.  

  • Neil Lamb

    Neil Lamb

    Neil is Subject leader in Architecture and Part 1 Architecture Course Leader.  

  • David McClean

    David McClean

    David McClean has been Head of The Scott Sutherland School since 2006 and completed his PhD in 2009 on the subject of Architecture Education. He was appointed Professor in October 2013.  

  • Students



    • David McClean