• Temitope Ajibade

    Tope Ajibade

    Research into laterite as a construction material with high potentiality for sustainable construction in Nigeria.  

  • Sylvian Braat

    Sylvian Braat

    My research seeks to develop an approach through which those actual and intrinsic built architectural elements, which define significance in a historic building, can be identified. This significance is vital, as it will form the basis for any prospective development.  

  • Isra’a Fardous

    Isra'a Fardous

    Researching the exploitation of energy use through conservation of identity in the sustainable interior architect.  

  • Azar Farshidi

    Azar Farshidi

    Theorizing social interaction and its implication on designing residential developments in UK.  

  • Daniel Herrera Gutierrez-Avellanosa

    Daniel Herrera Profile

    Daniel is a Lecturer in Building Surveying at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment.  

  • Jeremy Lambert

    Jeremy Lambert Profile

    Developing a scheduling methodology that accommodates for variability, uncertainty and complexity at the commencement of mega-construction projects in the Engineering, Procure and Construction (EPC) environment.  

  • Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon is a lecturer on Project and Construction Management.  

  • Raju Noor

    Raju Noor

    Research-based practice within architectural design.  

  • The following students are also currently studying for a PhD:

    • Nbidarafinia Tobin
    • Ixiar Ugalde
    • Clive Robertson