The following Architecture and Built Environment PhDs were successfully completed under the Creativity, Design and Innovation theme in the IDEAS Research Institute:

Ahmad Baghdadi

Researching the allocation of risks in the context of Saudi aviation construction projects.  

Abdulhakeem Garba

Researching the provision of sustainable electricity in Nigeria.

Oymama Motaleb

Development of a risk response model to handle delays of construction projects in the United Arab Emirates

[available on Openair]

James Harty

The impact of digitalisation on the management role of architectural technology

[available on Openair]

Erik Kristensen

Systemic barriers to a future transformation of the building industry from a buyer controlled to a seller driven industry

[available on Openair]

Huda Salman

The impact of CAAD on design methodology and visual thinking in architectural education

[available on Openair]

Leanne Townsend

Home making and identity: a psychology of personality processes in North East Scotland

[available on Openair]

Niels Barrett

The rise of a profession within a profession: the development of the architectural technology discipline within the profession of architecture

[available on Openair]

Carlos Galán-Díaz

Responses to representations of the built environment: the influence of emotion, attention and perspective-taking

[available on Openair]

David McClean

Embedding Learner Independence in Architecture Education: Reconsidering Design Studio Pedagogy

Tony Craig

An Environmental-Psychological Study of Sustainable Housing: A Transactional Approach


Environmental sentience of residential end-users towards design attributes

Jonathan Scott

Optimising the relationship between passive solar design of new housing and the economics of construction and land value

Anne Marie Davies

Using Images to Present Stated Preference Information: An Application to the Built Environment

Mohammed Kishk

An integrated fuzzy approach to whole life costing based decision making

Clare Parks

Improving Building Function: An Analysis of Design Management Processes and Operational Planning in the Development of Hospital Food Service Systems

[available on Openair]

Bassem Bjeirmi

The Influences in Achieving Success: A Series of Case Studies on Measuring Success in Public Projects

Amar Bennadji

Humane Geography and Bio-climatic Architecture

Lindsey Thomson

Scottish Market Crosses: The Development of a Risk Assessment Model

[available on Openair]

Richard Laing

Stone cleaning: A value assessment

[available on Openair]

Pombo-Fernandez, S.

Factors influencing salt-induced weathering of building sandstone

Andy Whyte

Communication in the building design team: practice and education

[available on Openair]

Maureen Young

Biological growths and their relationship to the physical and chemical characteristics of sandstones before and after cleaning

Chris Andrew

An investigation into the aesthetic and psychological effects of the soiling and cleaning of building facades.

MacDonald, J.

The effects of commercial chemical cleaning processes on sandstones in Scotland

Martin Edge

Achieving Local Autonomy in Rural Energy Resources and Use

Jonathan Ball

Rachel Wakefield

Joanne Milner

Angus MacRae

Susan Macmillan

Tariq Muneer

Dave Leifer

Colin Porteous

  • Ahmad Baghdadi

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    Researching the allocation of risks in the context of Saudi aviation construction projects.  

  • Abdulhakeem Garba

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    Researching the provision of sustainable electricity in Nigeria.