• Michael Agnew

    Michael Agnew

    Subject leader in printmaking whose research investigates extremes of reality/fantasy in relation to Scottish literature & history, autobiography, apocrypha and place.  

  • Amar Bennadji

    Amar Bennadji

    Amar is a Lecturer whose research interests include energy conservation, retrofitting, CAD and virtual reality.  

  • Jonathan Blackwood

    Curator, Lecturer, Writer. Scottish Balkanist. Interested in performance, sound, cultural ecology, radical politics, peripherality.  

  • David Blyth

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    David Blyth is a lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice whose research inquiry addresses the practice of Taxidermy as a vehicle to deconstruct notions of skill, making, expertise and amateurism.  

  • Jim Buckley

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    Research is focused around issues relating to placing art in public.  

  • Andrew Cranston

    Andrew Cranston

    Andrew Cranston is a lecturer in painting with a research interest in how painting, drawing and architectural space relates to literary fiction.  

  • Gökay Deveci

    Deveci, Gokay

    Gokay Deveci is Professor of Architecture at the Scott Sutherland School and has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing.  

  • Anne Douglas

    Anne Douglas

    Emeritus professor leading research into the role of the artist in public life through On the Edge research.  

  • Craig Ellis

    Craig Ellis

    Senior Lecturer in Grays School of Art, Overview of Admissions and First Year curriculum  

  • Susan Fairburn

    Sue Fairburn

    Lecturer in design & product design. She was recently appointed Lecturer in the new Design Futures programme at Gray’s School of Art.  

  • Elaine Gowans

    Elaine Gowans 1

    Present research has been in early dialogue with Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (audiology, speech therapy and radiology units) investigating the properties of water and sound as learning and educational tools for the deaf.  

  • Charlie Hackett

    Charles Hackett

    Lecturer at Gray's School of Art, leads research into public health and marginalised groups while collaborating with specialists outside the arts arena.  

  • Jim Hamlyn

    Jim Hamlyn

    Jim Hamlyn is a subject leader for Photographic & Electronic Media whose research interest in fine art focuses specifically on the ephemeral (water and light) within public and private space.  

  • Richard Laing

    Richard Laing Profile 2

    Richard Laing, Professor of Built Environment Visualisation at the Scott Sutherland School, has research interests in built environment visualisation, conservation, sustainable urban design & building information modelling.  

  • David McClean

    David McClean

    David McClean has been Head of The Scott Sutherland School since 2006 and completed his PhD in 2009 on the subject of Architecture Education. He was appointed Professor in October 2013.  

  • Andrea Peach

    Andrea Peach

    Contextual and Critical Studies, Design  

  • Jon Pengelly

    Jon Pengelly

    Lecturer in product design, joint subject leader for the Masters MDEs MFA course  

  • Huda Salman

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    Huda is a part time Lecturer in Architectural Technology and acts as School Research Degree Coordinator. Her research interests are mainly focused on the impact of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) and Information Technology (IT) on the conceptual phase of design, visual thinking and decision making.  

  • Josie Steed

    Josie Steed

    With extensive experience in the fashion and textile industry, her interests lie in traditional methods of craft making and Smart Textiles.  

  • David Vila Domini

    David-Vila Domini

    David is a Lecturer in Architecture whose research interests include the history & theory of architecture, contemporary Spanish architecture and 20th century parliamentary architecture.  

  • Quazi Mohd Mahtab-uz Zaman

    Quazi Zaman Profile Image

    Dr Zaman, Course Leader, BSc Construction Management and Lecturer in Urban Design at the Scott Sutherland School researches urbanism in Scottish and Asian cities. He also conducts the ‘place making with children and the community’ research project.