The following staff are research active in People, Organisations and Practice, view staff profiles for full details.

Theme Leader

  • Moira Bailey

    Moira Bailey

    Dr Moira Bailey is Academic Strategic Lead for the People, Organisations and Practice department within Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Research Active Staff

  • Carol Air

    Carol Air

    Carol Air is a lecturer in Management and the Course Leader for the MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management course.  

  • Peter Atorough

    Peter Atorough

    Dr Peter Atorough is lecturer of operations and supply chain management, with additional responsibilities as module coordinator for undergraduate operations management and postgraduate supply chain management.  

  • Steph Davidson

    Steph Davidson

    Steph is Lecturer for the MSc Health, Safety and Risk Management programme.  

  • Raymond Davies

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  • Jared Dempsey

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    Dr Jared Dempsey is a lecturer specialising in Project Management  

  • Rhona Flin

    Rhona Flin

    Rhona Flin is Professor of Industrial Psychology at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • James Fox

    James Fox

    James is responsible for, or teaches on, a variety of modules at both post and undergraduate level.  

  • Alison Lawman

    Alison Lawman

    Alison is a lecturer in Project Management at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Susan McWhirr

    Susan McWhirr

    Dr Susan McWhirr is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management and delivers courses on the undergraduate, postgraduate and online programmes.  

  • Emmanuelle Rey-Marmonier

    Dr E. Rey-Marmonier

    Dr. Emmanuelle Rey-Marmonier is a Lecturer in Leadership and Organisational Development in the People, Organisations and Practice Department at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Sheonagh Rowley

    Sheonagh Rowley

    Sheonagh Rowley is a Lecturer in Project Management at Aberdeen Business School.