From Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas to Water Management in Fuel Cells.

The Flow Modelling Group is driven by solving real world problems applying various modelling techniques.  The group has been engaged in research activities in two key areas: Oil & Gas and Hydrogen Fuel Cells.  The Flow Modelling Group has expertise in modelling flows at the molecular level using molecular dynamics technique to the continuum level using analytical, mechanistic and computational fluid dynamics techniques. The group is also equipped with multiphase flow loop, wind tunnel, PIV system for experimental measurements.

Research Areas

  • Multi-phase flows
  •  Porous media flows

Research Topics

  • Multiphase flows through pipelines and reservoirs
  •  Heat transfer in reservoir core

Current Projects

  • Waste Oil Treatment (KTP Project)              

Recent projects

  • Sand Transport in undulated flowlines
  • Erosion prediction at pipe bend under slug flow
  • Flow induced vibration under slug and dispersed bubbles flow regime
  • Sand transport in wells
  • Multiphase flows through reservoir fractures
  • Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance evaluation
  • Water dynamics in PEM fuel cell
  • Produced water treatment in Mare’s Tail

Publications (Examples)

R. Tebowei, M. Hossain, S. Z. Islam, M. G. Droubi, G. Oluyemi. Investigation of sand transport in an undulated pipe using computational fluid dynamics, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering xxx (2017) 1–16, 

R Tebowei, M Hossain, G Oluyemi, S Islam, Modelling effects of particle size and pipe gradient on sand transport in multiphase pipes, Transactions on Engineering Sciences, 89 (2015) 323-334.

Li, J., Paul, M. C., Younger, P. L., Watson, I., Hossain, M. Welch, S. Prediction of high-temperature raid combustion behaviour of woody biomass particles, Fuel, 165 (2016),), 205-214.


Group Leader

  • Mamdud Hossain

    Dr Mamdud Hossain

    Dr Mamdud Hossain is a reader in Mechanical Engineering and a researcher in Energy at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.  

  • Staff

  • Nadimul Faisal


    Dr. Nadimul Faisal is Reader in Mechanical Engineering and a researcher in Advanced Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.  

  • Sheikh Islam

    Sheikh Islam

    Dr Sheikh Islam is Academic Strategic Lead in Mechanical Engineering) and a researcher n Energy at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland  

  • Students

  • Behshad Moradi

    Behshad Moradi Profile 1

    Four phase (oil, water, gas, sand) flow modeling with focus on sand transportation  

  • Past members/collaborators

    • Professor Weeratunge Malalasekera, Loughborough University
    • Dr Tariq Mahmud, University of Leeds