The related subjects of Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES) extend across a range of significant research activities within our Design & Technology Research subjects.

Research in this area focuses on providing innovative and practical solutions to industrial problems, with particularly strong industry-focused research in the oil & gas and renewable/sustainable energy sectors. The research is well recognised for transferring new technologies to industry through spin-out companies, patents and knowledge transfer partnerships.

EES is organised into two multi-disciplinary research sub-themes.


This sub-theme focuses on solving various aspects of problems related to oil & gas. In recent times, this expertise has been transferred to renewable and sustainable energy.

Energy research is organised under the following sub-groupings:

  1. Petroleum Engineering

    Energy Conference

    The oil and gas industry is currently extending the frontiers of current technologies as well as adopting a vast array of new innovative technologies.

  2. Flow Modelling

    Teaser Flow Modelling

    From Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas to Water Management in Fuel Cells.

  3. Condition Monitoring

    Teaser Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring Group is focused on developing and applying instrumentation to non-destructive (or semi-destructive) testing of materials and structures

  4. Materials

    Materials Teaser

    Fundamental and applied research into a wide range of materials, from high performance composites to biomedical.

  5. Communications and Autonomous Systems

    Communications and Autonomous Systems

    Research investigating the modelling, analysis, design, control and simulation of multimedia data transmission and processing among systems connected through a variety of communication channels.

  6. Renewable Energy

    Worldwide installed capacity of wind turbines is expected to keep growing. In order to support unprecedented operational and maintenance challenges, the Robert Gordon University is developing innovative knowledge and technological solutions to control the high levelised cost of electricity from wind turbines.

Environmental Technologies


  1. CyanoSol

    CyanoSol 1

    CyanoSol aims to develop sustainable solutions for algae related problems in the aquatic environment in parallel with the exploitation of their diverse biosynthetic capabilities.

Linking Industry and Academia

RGU is establishing a world-class centre for teaching, innovation and research. 

At the heart of the North Sea oil and gas industry in Aberdeen, the Institute draws upon the vast experience, thought-leadership and exclusive facilities that RGU has built up over more than four decades of engagement with the sector.

  1. RGU Energy Transition Institute

    Oil and Gas Institute Banner

    The creation of RGU’s Energy Transition Institute provides an important focus for the sector as a whole.