FITsense: Fall Prediction in Technology-Enabled ‘Fit Homes’

This project will develop a falls prediction system that can be installed in peoples’ homes. This system will help residents live well and independently in their homes for longer, prevent hospital admissions, and enable early discharge.

Data will be captured by a range of sensors installed in specially-designed, technology-enabled ‘Fit Homes’. Targeting specific activities identified as pre-cursors to falls, the system will analyse data derived from these sensors to identify patterns of activity, and changes in these patterns, that are linked to increased risk of falling. These evidence-based alerts should enable families and agencies to intervene with preventative measures before incidents occur.

There are two areas of data science innovation in this project:  (1) testing the boundaries in human activity recognition (HAR) from sensors; and (2) developing an event driven case-based reasoning (CBR) approach to identify the signs of potential risk of falling.

The project will be developed for, and evaluated on, the 1st phase of the ‘FIT Homes’ project comprising 15 assisted living homes designed by Carbon Dynamic at Albyn’s Dalmore development in Alness.

Dalmore Fit Home

Designer’s Visualisation of Dalmore ‘FIT Home’  

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