Effective use of knowledge is critical to good decision-making.

Decisions from Data is a methodology allowing knowledge captured as numerical or textual data to be effectively reused to support decision-making on new problems.

The approach is applied here to planning well construction projects. Similar activities from successfully completed projects are identified and run time experiences can be embedded in new plans.

Decisions from Data

The diagram outlines the case-based framework adopted by Decisions From Data to make use of data to build smart systems. Past experiences are stored as cases and, as new unsolved scenarios are presented, the cases are searched for similar scenarios whose solutions can be reused. Custom representations and similarity measures support problem-solving by transforming data to knowledge.  Current projects work with a range of media including text, images and audio.


  • Project planning
  • Health & Safety/risk assessment
  • Fault detection & condition monitoring
  • Incident reporting and anomaly management