• Mahalakshmi Abhishek

    Mahalakshmi Abhishek

    Research Fellow in Cyanobacterial Research  

  • Morgan Adams

    Morgan Adams

    Morgan Adams is a Research Fellow working on an collaborative EPSRC project to design and develop photocatalytic reactor units in conjunction with St Andrews University and the California Institute of Technology.  

  • Christine Edwards

    Christine Edwards

    Dr Edwards is a Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Her research emphasis is in the area of cyanobacterial toxins, and their occurrence and fate in the environment.  

  • Nadimul Faisal


    Dr. Nadimul H Faisal is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.  

  • Carlos Fernandez

    Carlos Fernandez Profile 2

    Carlos is a Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. He is a member of the IDEAS Research Institute as part of the Energy, Environment and Sustainability group  

  • Wai-Keung Fung

    Wai-Keung Fung Profile Photo

    Dr Wai-Keung Fung is a Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

  • Mamdud Hossain

    Dr Mamdud Hossain

    Dr. Hossain’s interests include advanced combustion modelling, CFD modelling of multi-phase flows in oil and gas, turbulence-device interaction in tidal stream and fuel cell.  

  • Sheikh Islam

    Sheikh Islam

    Dr Sheikh Islam is a lecturer in the School of Engineering  

  • Draco Iyi

    Draco Iyi

    Dr. Draco Iyi is a lecturer and researcher at the RGU School of Engineering.  

  • Linda Lawton

    Linda Lawton

    Professor Lawton has a specific interest in natural toxins produced in water by cyanobacteria.  

  • Cathy McCullagh

    Cathy McCullagh Profile

    Cathy's main research interests lie within the field of environmental chemistry, specifically photochemistry and within this coatings and reactor development  

  • James Njuguna

    James Njuguna

    Dr James Njuguna is a Reader in Composite Materials and Structures at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He has has a long-standing interest and extensive research experience in composite materials (and nanomaterials) for structural applications primarily focusing on transport lightweight structures and more recently into Oil and Gas sector.  

  • Gbenga Oluyemi

    Gbenga Oluyemi

    Dr Oluyemi is a Lecturer and MSc Projects Manager for both FT and Distance Learning students at the Robert Gordon University. His research covers oilfield chemistry related formation damage, optimisation of fracture flow, formation evaluation and geomechanical characterisation of formation rock.  

  • Alan Owen

    Alan Owen Profile Picture

    A renewable energy researcher since 2002, Dr Alan Owen is the Northern Research Partnership Reader in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, and currently holds the position of Director of CUSP.  

  • Babs Oyeneyin

    Babs Oyeneyin Profile

    Professor Oyeneyin's main research is in multiphase fluid flow dynamics, integrated sand management, produced water management, oil/gas well engineering, unconventional reservoir management, flow assurance and production optimisation in deepwater environment.  

  • Radhakrishna Prabhu

    Radhakrishna Prabhu

    Current research areas are in Biosensors and Instrumentation, Environmental Sensing and Monitoring, Clean Technology.  

  • Iain Steel

    Prof Iain Steel

    Professor J. A. (Iain) Steel is the Head of the RGU School of Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.  

  • Aakash Welgamage Don

    Aakash Welgamage Don

    Interests are in cyanobacterial research, use of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) system to investigate biodegradation pathways, and molecular biology approaches to peptide degradation.  

  • Kyari Yates

    Kyari Yates 1

    Dr Yates is an Academic Team Leader and Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. His research interest lies in environmental chemistry with a particular emphasis on fate, distribution and effects of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and passive sampling methodologies in various matrices.