Termination of Registration and/or Enrolment

Where a supervisory team has concerns with the progress of a research student and/or is unable to communicate with the research student for a period exceeding two months (or for such other period as required by the UK Visa Immigration), it should complete a Termination of Registration/Enrolment (RDTerm) Form for consideration by the Research Degrees Committee.  The host School should liaise with the Graduate School before proceeding with this action.

Once a research student has received a letter advising of a potential termination of registration/ enrolment, and if they wish to make the Graduate School and Research Degrees Committee aware of circumstances which may have impacted on their progress and/or ability to communicate with their supervisory team, School or Graduate School, a research student must submit an Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form - Research Degrees within 20 days receiving this letter from the Graduate School.