Authorised Interruption of Enrolment/Registration

If a research student is prevented, by ill-health or other valid cause, from making progress with their research, they can request the equivalent of a "time-out" from their studies.

The research student should discuss the circumstances behind the request with their Principal Supervisor and Research Degrees Coordinator in the first instance before completing any request form.

If, after discussion the research student feels that an interruption is appropriate, they should complete an Authorised Interruption of Registration (RDInterrupt) form. This should then be passed to the Supervisory Team and Research Degree Coordinator for approval. The form is then submitted to the Graduate School for consideration by the Convener of the Research Degrees Committee. 

If you are studying under a Tier 4 visa, you must speak with the International Student Advice, Visa and Immigration Service, located on the third floor of the Health and Social Care Building, as a long term absence (more than one month) from study will put your study visa at risk.

Authorised Interruption of Registration (RDInterrupt) Form (DOC 118KB)