Young Ellon entrepreneur celebrates graduation

A young Aberdeenshire entrepreneur has his sights set on building his business up after graduating from Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Matt SandhamMatt Sandham (21), from Ellon, is graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Digital Media on Friday, July 15, from His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen.

Along with some of his friends, Matt has set up a street wear clothing and lifestyle brand, called Versain, and is looking forward to using his skills to build up the brand.

“We design and produce cut and see high quality clothing with artistic and themed designs,” he said. “We also support local music artists by organising events and shooting and producing music videos.

“I met one of my now best friends at RGU - music artist Ransom FA. We studied the same course and shared common interests. Through him I met my two business partners and we all had a keen interest in fashion and business so started on this journey together.

“FA is doing very well for himself and we provide support for him through Versain and on a more personal level I'm also his manager. I feel that I've taken the most away from university in terms of the people I've met and worked with.”

Matt added: “My time at RGU, has been a great time in my life. I've learnt and developed so many new skills but more importantly met one of my now best friends.

“While it is great to come away with a degree, one of the best things has been just meeting lots of amazing people from all different places. I think meeting new people is one of the best things about new experiences.”

The former Ellon Academy pupil said: “I started up Versain in first year and so finding time and managing my time across both my studies and my company was probably the most difficult thing to balance.

“All the different projects during my course were pretty fun but the biggest highlight has to be getting those final results back.”

Matt added: “I’m now looking forward to being able to focus on my business and trying to apply the skills I've learnt from my degree and progress further with that. This is what I've always wanted to do.”

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Jenny RushCommunications Officer | Design and Technology