Top of the class Josh secures job straight after graduation

A young man from Inverurie has already secured his first role in industry after graduating with a first-class honours degree from Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Josh Edgar - Computer Science 325 x 488Josh Edgar (22) graduated from RGU’s School of Computer Science and Digital Media BSc (Hons) in Computer Science on Friday, July 14, at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen.

Josh had always had an interest in computing and decided to pursue this at University, where he could advance his skills and eventually go on to follow a career in the sector.

“I decided to go to university to further my ability in an area I enjoyed,” he said.

“I always had it in my mind that I would be able to secure a graduate position afterwards and pursue a career I would be happy with.

“Computing was one of my strongest subjects whilst at school, and so it seemed to be a natural progression for me to study computer science at university.”

Having been awarded the ConocoPhillips prize for academic excellence in year two and then the class prize for the highest academic achievement in the degree year, Josh was always on the right track for his first-class honours.  

“I am proud of what I've been able to accomplish at university. It was hard at times, and I'm grateful for the support I was given by my family, friends and the university staff. I don't think I would have got through it without them.”

Josh cites the placement opportunities the course granted him as one of the major highlights of his time at RGU.

“As part of the computer science course we are given the opportunity to take a one year placement year between years two and three of the course.

“I was lucky enough to secure a placement with Chevron, and I worked there for 14 months as a Database Administrator, advancing skills I had already gained in the classroom, and gaining new skills. That's really the highlight of the course for me.”

The future is already looking bright for Josh, who has managed to secure his first full-time post-graduation role.

“In terms of career plans, I have accepted a position at Baillie Gifford in Edinburgh where I will work as part of the technical infrastructure team, starting in September.

“Computer science impacts every area of our lives nowadays, and is a field which is constantly changing. It excites me to be pursuing a career which is changing so rapidly, and that in 10 years’ time I might be in a job role which doesn't even exist yet.”


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer | Design and Technology
Press and Media Enquiries