The grass is greener at Robert Gordon University for international MSc student Zoe Katsaggelos

For Chicago-born Zoe Katsaggelos, the decision to follow up on her dual undergraduate degree in Global Studies and Spanish from the University of Illinois and travel to the UK was an easy one.

Zoe KatsaggelosShe was looking for a Masters course in technology and, with little technical training, she found the MSc Information Technology with Network Management at Robert Gordon University was the perfect fit – the course is tailored for those without a technical background.

“I wanted to come to the UK to study but because my undergraduate degree is from a Liberal Arts and Science background, I didn’t have the technical skills,” she said.

“My program at RGU is intended for people without the technical experience - the topics are thorough and covered in depth. I also chose RGU because it is one of the top universities in the UK for graduate employment, which was important to me.”

Zoe was lucky enough to have qualified for the Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (SSS), a substantial programme of scholarships, offered on a matched funding basis between the Scottish Government and Scottish Higher Education Institutions.

The scheme offers awards of up to £4000 and is designed to support the promotion of Scotland as a learning nation and a science nation.

“I found out about the Saltire Scholarship through the RGU website. I was planning on studying at RGU before I received the scholarship, however, it was a big move for me so receiving the scholarship made it feel like the right decision.

“I had never been to Scotland before I moved here but think it's a great place to study and live.

“There is so much green which I am not used to coming from the city. I've also found everyone to be so welcoming and always willing to help.

“Aberdeen is a smaller city than I am used to but it holds a charm to it - I like how convenient and accessible everything is and love how prominent the student life is in the city.

“It is nice to be surrounded by both international and local students - it's created an experience I wouldn't have had back home.”

Zoe, who will graduate in 2017, is hoping to use her degree to secure a job in the UK and potentially continue with her studies.

“Through my course, I am gaining skills and learning material that will be applicable to jobs I’ll have in the future.

“I have been looking at graduate programs in the tech field so I can continue learning while also gaining hands-on experience. I also have thought of pursuing my PhD in the near-ish future.”


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer | Design and Technology
Press and Media Enquiries


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