Tapping all our talents - Report on Women in STEM

The majority of women with qualifications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects do not work in STEM areas.  This is in contrast to men.  The consequence is a serious loss to the economy.  Scotland must address this issue.

On 20 June the Royal Society of Edinburgh will hold a dissemination event at Robert Gordon University’s Faculty of Health and Social Care on its Report on: ‘Tapping all our talents. Women in STEM:  a Strategy for Scotland’.  This recommends creating a strategy to increase the proportion of women in the workplace qualified in STEM subjects, and to increase the numbers who rise to senior positions in universities, research institutes, government, business and industry.

This Report has been produced by an expert Working Group, chaired by the distinguished astrophysicist Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, with Professor Alice Brown deputy chair of the group and General Secretary of the RSE. Professor Brown will be joined at the event at Robert Gordon University by Professor Claire Wallace of the University of Aberdeen and Nicola Fraser, Chief Financial Officer of Aberdeen Asset Management.

In advance of the event Professor Brown commented, 'Women with science, technology and engineering skills are one of Scotland's untapped resources. Having more women in the science and engineering work place will also increase the diversity - itself a source of strength and success.'

The report has so far received a welcome from the Scottish Government, Universities Scotland and several business figures.

Professor Peter Robertson, Vice Principal (Research & Commercialisation), Robert Gordon University added:

“By discussing the key findings of this report, we hope to address this issue and develop a clear strategy for the integration of women into STEM areas at all levels. This will help to ensure that future generations of women in Scotland are at the forefront of science and technology in both academia and industry.”

The events aim to bring together key people from government, public agencies, industry and the academic sector to discuss how these recommendations can best be taken forward.  Places are still available and can be booked through

Tapping all our talents - Report on Women in STEM takes place at Robert Gordon University’s Faculty of Health and Social Care on 20 June from 10.30am.

A full copy of the RSE report can be accessed through the following link:

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