School nurse graduates against all odds

School nurse and mother-of-two, Heather Towler (39) from Aberdeen, is to graduate on Friday 4 December at 10.30am with a degree in Public Health Nursing.

Heather is to cross the stage against all odds, after a narrow fail on her final paper put her graduation plans in jeopardy just weeks ago. She was especially disappointed since she had passed all of her other submissions first time. With the help of the course team, however, Heather was able to resubmit and gain the green light just in time for the December ceremony. 

Since starting her studies in August 2007, Heather has successfully juggled family life, working and studying. Commencing the course was especially daunting for her as she had previously qualified as a children's nurse in 1992 but had to give this up following spinal surgery. She decided to gain further qualifications so that she could continue her profession in a different role and is delighted to have reached her goal. 

She explained: "My children were really disappointed when they thought they wouldn't be able to see me cross the stage so it's wonderful that we have been able to make it happen. The course team and administrative staff have been really helpful in supporting me to get my final submission passed in time for December. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of the team! My husband Garry has also been really supportive - I really couldn't have done it without him!"