RGU to host exciting computing showcase

From controlling drone helicopters using leap motion technology to ground-breaking mobile phone apps, a new event at Robert Gordon University (RGU) will provide an exciting showcase of work by students in the School of Computing Science and Digital Media later this month.

Future DevelopedThe event, called Future Developed, will be held on Wednesday, May 25, and is an opportunity for students from all disciplines within the School to highlight the range of innovative projects they have worked on over the year.

This ranges from mobile phone applications, brain computer interfaces, drone helicopters, application programming and software engineering to game design and programming, 3D modelling and animation, web design and web application development, network security and business systems.

The event will start at 12.30pm in the Sir Ian Wood Building with a speech from the Head of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Professor Chrisina Jayne, before those attending will have the opportunity to browse the projects and speak to students about their work.

RGU is encouraging industry professionals and companies to attend the event as a chance to network with the best Computing and Digital Media students at RGU.

Professor Jayne said: “We are very much looking forward to the Future Developed events and would like to encourage any interested industry professionals and companies to attend and see the exciting work that are students are producing.

Prof. Chrisina Jayne“Events such as these are a great way for students and potential employers to link up and start discussions about where their skill set might fit within a company or how a company could tap into the skills that our students have in a way which benefits them.

“Our students work with businesses in a variety of ways already, whether through placements or standalone commercial projects, but Future Developed is a very useful platform for those in the north-east business community who perhaps have not engaged with the School before to come and see what we do.”

Among those who will be exhibiting work is second year Computer Science student Sophie Hayes (20).

In her project, Sophie has looked to create an easier method for people to monitor activity on their GitHub repositories, a software development tool which allows programmers to work collaboratively.

She said: “I feel that this show is a fantastic idea. As students, the show gives us a bit of confidence in our own skills - knowing that our work is worthy of being shown at the event is awesome. It also helps us take pride in the work we produce, as our work will represent ourselves and our department.

“I’m excited to see what projects other students have been working on as well. Since the projects have been made in the past year, they will be relevant and use the latest technologies - hopefully they won’t mind me picking their brains a bit and will provide some advice.”

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