RGU students host architecture exhibition addressing variety of Scotland’s issues

Masters of Architecture students from Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment have created a series of exhibitions which look to address a variety of issues affecting Scotland today.

Architecture 5 Unit 3 The students are part of independent research units, each led by a Professor of Architecture, and the investigations range from the rural Northern islands of Scotland to the densely populated urban cities in the central belt. 

Unit 1 focussed on redeveloping Aberdeen’s harbour area. The challenge was to explore future social, economic and cultural influences on Aberdeen, in addition to the opportunity of reclaiming the area for the people of Aberdeen.

Unit 2 is looking at the housing crisis, drawing on examples from Scotland, as well as on an international scale, with the objective to create an awareness and discussion on the politics and architecture of mass housing. 

This Unit was also responsible for designing an exhibition which is made to travel the country, engaging with local communities and helping in the team’s research. 

Unit 3 will showcase the research undertaken into the Orkney Islands, with a focus on the social and cultural effects that an ever-growing tourist industry has on a small island community and looks at whether or not an architectural intervention can enhance the visitors experience whilst maintaining an everyday intimacy and culture. 

Lecturer, David Vardy, commented: “Our students have been working extremely hard, looking at real problems which are affecting Scottish society – in a local community sense but also from a wider national, and international perspective."

“These exhibitions provides our students with a platform to engage with the communities for which their research, innovative thinking, and architectural solutions are offered.

“We would encourage members of the public to come along and engage with us at the exhibition, and we welcome input from the industry and public to help shape the continued work of the units.”

The exhibition opens on Thursday, December 14, at 5pm at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment and runs until 12pm Friday, December 22.


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries