RGU's Fiona Masters Marketing

RGU's B2B Marketing Officer Fiona Jardine graduated with an MSc International Marketing Management from the university's Aberdeen Business School on Wednesday July 10 at 2.30pm.

Fiona's first degree is in languages and literature and she has always enjoyed education so decided to further her study in an area which interested her the most – marketing.

She said: "When I first became employed at RGU's Aberdeen Business School as a Study Abroad Administrator, I really felt I was in the right place to take advantage of the opportunity of further study.

"Marketing was the area which interested me the most so I applied for the MSc International Marketing Management. The global aspect of the course is what appealed to me the most but I've really enjoyed the mix of theoretical and practical modules the course offers."

Fiona's student experience this time was different however as she followed most of the course via distance learning while working full-time and having a young daughter at home.

"I did the first two years working full-time, which was tough enough, but by the time I reached the dissertation stage I had had a baby girl plus my full-time job so this added a whole new pressure to the mix," she said.

"At times I felt really guilty about the amount of time I had to spend away from her to study but I knew it was only for a short time and I had come too far to quit.

"Apart from an enhanced understanding of business, which I value, I appreciate my family in a different way having done this. It would have been impossible without their support. I think you do need that behind you.

"I'm delighted that I managed to complete the course but I feel family has to be a priority for the next few years.

Fiona added: "I'm really pleased that I was offered a job in the University's Marketing Department at the end of last year, which is exactly what I wanted, so I really feel it has helped me get onto the career path I want to follow."

Issued By:

Stacey HorneCommunications Officer | Aberdeen Business School