RGU runs in the family for Michael

Michael McTavish followed in his daughter’s footsteps and graduated from Robert Gordon University’s Aberdeen Business School on Thursday December 12 at 2.30pm.

The 49-year-old said RGU is a “family concern” as he has two daughters – one graduated from the university last year and one is still studying at the institute - who both actively encouraged him to enter further education.

The Subsea General Manager, who is from Elgin but has worked and lived in South Korea for the last five years, confirms that juggling family and work commitments whilst studying for his Business Management degree is a very rewarding challenge. 

Michael said: “To complete a university course at any time in life can be demanding. I have watched our two daughters make their way through RGU and seen all the ups and downs which come from university work and home studying. 

“Believe me when I say that keeping an often challenging job in tow and undertaking a university degree at 49 years old is challenging but very rewarding. 

“All the encouragement my wife Jacqui gave was well received and could well have been a factor in me completing the study.”

Michael decided to undertake a degree at RGU after progressing from working as an engineer to a management environment. His new role as General Manager at Samsung Heavy Industries made him take an interest in a new learning curve. He said instead of working with oil equipment, drawings and ship building as his previous positions entailed, his new role required a whole new skill set which required further education. 

His position involves a lot of travel and time away from his family and home country and he believes completing his Business Management degree at RGU can only enhance his employability potential should he move back to Aberdeen in the future.

He said: “The education gained during my degree studies has proved beneficial to my job position and has given me many new perspectives on life and further paths of opportunity in the future.”

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Stacey Horne
Communications Officer | Aberdeen Business School
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