RGU Purple Wednesdays results service puts sports scores on the doors

A new multi-media sports results service is proving to be a hit with students at Robert Gordon University (RGU).

RGU’s student president of Sport and Physical Activity GianPiero Franchi and Courtney Valentine presenting Purple Wednesdays.The ‘Purple Wednesdays’ online show was launched by RGU’s student president of Sport and Physical Activity GianPiero Franchi at the start of semester and is getting more than 1,000 views each week.

Hosted by GianPiero and Courtney Valentine, the four minute round-up show is available on YouTube and includes a look at RGU’s winning teams, the star of the week and a preview of what’s to come next week for the clubs.

GianPiero said: “The inspiration for the project came from students who wanted to follow how our sports teams are doing. The project is student based and they’re doing the majority of the work to pull the show together.

“We’re very pleased with how the show looks and Purple Wednesdays is a fantastic example of what students can achieve when they work together.”

There have been six round-ups so far and the service is proving to be very successful with clubs vying for top billing.

GianPiero added: “The first few episodes have had more than 1,000 views each and we hope that this continues. As a result, sports clubs have had a larger engagement and more members than ever before.”

A team of 15 volunteers put the shows together which includes students in the Control Room, Studio and Media Labs at Aberdeen Business School.

GianPiero said: “I would like to try and integrate Purple Wednesdays in to course content at the university. This would allow the work the volunteers do to count towards their final award.

“Everyone on the team is improving and becoming more professional. It will look great on their CV.”

The show was initially going to run for ten weeks, but GianPiero hopes that it will continue with the rest of the sporting calendar.

GianPiero added: “Purple Wednesdays has been a success so far. It has helped sports clubs do better and they want to do better when they appear on the show.

“There is a pride in playing in the purple of RGU, it gives all of our sports clubs a shared identity and we’re happy to share their success.”

If you would like to volunteer for Purple Wednesdays, please contact GianPiero via:

The latest edition of Purple Wednesdays is available to view online

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Dan Diack