RGU Professor to share expertise at the Houses of Parliament

A Robert Gordon University (RGU) academic will share his expertise on fracking in Scotland at the Houses of Parliament.

Peter Strachan, who is Professor of Energy Policy at RGU’s Aberdeen Business School, has been invited to discuss ‘what next for the fracking debate in Scotland?’ at the next All-Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas.

The Scottish Government will launch a consultation on the future of onshore shale gas extraction in January and then make a decision about it in the 2nd half of 2017. During his talk, Professor Strachan will argue that the fracking industry has no ‘social licence’ north of the border and that it fails key economic, public health, environmental and climate tests.

Professor Strachan said: “I predict that the Scottish Government will ban this controversial technique towards the end of 2017.

“Onshore high volume hydraulic fracturing or fracking is not the solution to the multifaceted energy challenges that the UK faces. It will merely derail our transition to a lower carbon economy.

“In the United States shale gas is proving to be a boom and bust and debt-laden industry. Closer to home, the KPMG Economic Impact of Fracking Report produced for the Scottish Government found that onshore oil and gas resources could not be developed economically in a lower for longer pricing environment.

“Furthermore fracking fails spectacularly on public health, environmental and climate grounds. The report produced by the Committee on Climate Change concluded that fracked gas emissions would be ‘significant’ and ‘inconsistent’ with Scotland’s emission targets. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Fugitive methane emissions a key concern here.

“Scotland is the energy bank of the United Kingdom. For now Scotland is self sufficient in meeting all of its own energy needs from renewables and from offshore oil and gas. But ultimately Westminster and Holyrood must end their fixation with fossil fuels. A better solution is to move to a smart and clean energy system based around the power of the wind, sun and sea.”

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas aims to provide a forum for transparent, evidence based discussion around the issue of unconventional oil and gas development in the UK. It will be held in the Houses of Parliament in London today (November 29).

Release by Stacey Lynch
Communications Officer | Business, Law and Management
Press and Media Enquiries