RGU lecturer fulfils dreams of gaining PhD

A lecturer at Robert Gordon University (RGU) has fulfilled her dreams and graduated with a PhD from RGU’s Aberdeen Business School on Thursday 12 December at 2.30pm.

Dr Omowunmi Adeola-Omole, who is originally from Nigeria but has lived in Aberdeen for a number of years, has gained a PhD qualification after years of hard work and dedication while balancing a busy home life, getting married and having her daughter. 

The lecturer in the Department of Management said: “The journey to fulfilling my dreams came to realisation on 8th May 2013 after I successfully defended my 430 page volume, weighty, serious and mighty tome. It was indeed a day of joy for me and my entire family.”

Omowunmi successfully bagged a Masters degree from RGU in 2008 and proceeded to start her PhD journey the following year. She said it was a dream come true receiving her admission letter in 2008 and starting her new life in Aberdeen.

“It started with high optimisms and joy as I got married to my best friend six months into my studies and had my Princess fifteen months down the line, thereafter the journey gaining the degree became like an insurmountable mountain,” she said.

Omowunmi said the hardest part of undertaking her PhD was not having quality time with her family, especially her daughter who had to be cared for by her mum. The little time off her husband did have onshore was spent without her as she had to be at the university doing research.

She continued: “A typical day for me was to resume to the PhD office at Aberdeen Business School by 7.30am and leave at 10.45pm when the building was closing. I practically knew which janitor would be on duty as they were all exceptionally friendly, not forgetting the ever smiling receptionists. 

“As the deadline for completion got close, daylight was imaginary in my head as I got up as early as 5am and won’t be back to my home until 11pm. My writing up months were horrendous as my weekends including Sundays were spent at the university. 

“However, despite all the challenges that came along, I can only sincerely be grateful to my wonderful supervisor, Professor Charlie Weir who indeed spent quality time even during his holidays to support me in achieving my objective. 

“My hubby and mum made life easier in getting me to finish through their understanding love.”

During the course of her PhD, Omowunmi secured the Scottish Overseas Research Students Award Scheme (SORSAS) scholarship funded by the Scottish Government towards her fees. 

Though it was a struggle at times, it has all been worth it as Omowunmi’s research findings have recently been considered by the Nigerian government and have been implemented to enhance small business performance and regional development across Nigeria.

She concluded: “I am multitudinously grateful for the amazing opportunity RGU and in particular Aberdeen Business School have given me to enhance values to myself and make my modest contributions to the field of business economics and management.”

Issued by: 

Stacey Horne
Communications Officer | Aberdeen Business School