Q&A with Rachel Corsie - RGU Alumna and Scotland Women’s National Football Captain

Q&A with captain of the Scotland Women’s National Football team, Rachel Corsie, a former RGU SPORT Scholar, who graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance.

  • What made you decide to go to RGU?

Rachel CorsieFirstly, RGU offered me a course that was what I wanted to study. I enjoyed visiting the Garthdee campus and felt a much more welcoming atmosphere, compared to the other universities I looked at. I had a good feeling that the experience at RGU would be a great fit and thankfully I really loved my time there.

  • How did you manage to balance your sporting commitments with studying Accounting and Finance?

It was definitely a significant challenge at times, as my course demands grew over the four years. The package of support I received as part of my RGU SPORT Scholarship was absolutely fundamental in helping me through all of the busy times and especially around clashes with studying and my national team commitments. I have always thought though that if you are driven both academically and within your sport, it is possible to achieve most things – but you must commit fully and work extremely hard.

  • How important was the support of RGU SPORT in your journey to where you are today?

Absolutely invaluable! Without the help of the team at RGU SPORT, I could never have achieved what I did at university and everything that has come after. Their support was vital, not only from a physical capacity, but also from a mental perspective. They offered me a lot of great advice and were a very supportive sounding board during the challenging times, and I am very grateful for that. I still keep in touch with those in the team who helped me directly and those relationships will always be important to me.

  • Why do you still keep in touch with RGU and act as an ambassador for the Aberdeen Youth Games?

I loved my time at RGU in its entirety and I want to act as an advocate for the university and share my experiences as much as I can. I know how great a university it is and I’m very proud to be a graduate. As for the Youth Games, I just love sport and know how beneficial it can be in so many ways. I love encouraging others to be involved at any level and it is amazing to see the effects the Youth Games have on my home city.

  • What advice would you give to the current SPORT Scholars at RGU?

I would say enjoy your time at university – academically, socially and throughout your training. University offers us all so many opportunities and experiences and you should enjoy them all in the fullest way. Work hard in every sense and you’ll reap the benefits.

  • What stands out to you as the highlight of your time at RGU?

I think I am most proud of the Women’s Football Club. I started it from scratch when I first arrived at RGU. After achieving an incredible run of consecutive promotions, the girls went on to win the top division – the year after I left, typical! My academic highlight would definitely be graduating with a First Class Honours Degree. I know that I pushed boundaries and went against some of the advice of my lecturers at times, but I was determined and able to push myself to get the marks I saw I had the potential to get. Although I missed a lot of classes for training, I appreciate the understanding and additional support I received and I am so glad I didn’t let anyone down.

  • How big a part of your life does your degree play now?

Since I am now a full-time professional footballer, the accountancy is on hold for now. That said, I did achieve my chartership with Ernst & Young after graduating and I hope to go back once I retire from playing. I did learn a lot of life lessons throughout my training that can apply to all walks of life – be disciplined, hard-working and driven for success. I have tried to strive for this in both sport and academia.

  • What has been your proudest achievement to date?

To be considered fit for the role of national team captain is one of the greatest honours a player can receive and I feel so privileged every time I put that armband on. I hope I can continue to play my part and we give ourselves the best shot and qualifying for the World Cup in summer 2019.


Release by Jonathon Milne
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries