Prizes for Art and Architecture Students

Talented and lucky students graduating from Gray's School of Art and the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture at RGU this week will be in receipt of £500 to purchase prizes awarded by RGU Art and Heritage Collections.

Each year at least one student from each final year subject receives a cheque in return for their creations which will be added to the University's growing collection of RGU students' work.

Since this prize was formally inaugurated in 2006, RGU has been able to build up a fascinating record of the creativity of graduates in all the design and fine art disciplines from textiles to architecture.

Furniture, building designs, paintings, books and jewellery join packaging, prints and film to showcase the talent emerging every year from Robert Gordon University.

Jane Kidd Curator of the Art & Heritage Collections commented: "I believe we are the only university which collects its own work in this systematic way, so a unique and fascinating record is being built up now for future generations."

Gray's prize winners

 Visual Communications

Kevin Cameron

 Design for Digital Media

Sabine Bein

 Graphic Design

Simeon Newbatt

 3d Design

Nicola Walster

 Product Design

Francis Newbatt


Magdalena Zareba


Ingrid Stout


Marion Leiper


Bronagh Sheerins


Dagmar Vhynalkova


Carrie Ginniver