Pharmacy students learn about Pharmaceutics

A special event was held at Robert Gordon University (RGU) last week, to educate students on the usefulness of pharmaceutics.

Prof Lawrence TalkThe ‘Science in Practice’ afternoon was held at the university’s Sir Ian Wood Building on Thursday 8 November.

It saw students from Stage Two of the Pharmacy course hear from several different speakers about how a knowledge and appreciation of pharmaceutics can be useful for practice pharmacists.

Pharmaceutics is the science of medicines and the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the process of turning a chemical entity or drugs into medication that can be used safely and effectively by patients.

This is the second year of the ‘Science in Practice’ event and it attracted practitioners and professionals from areas such as Veterinary Pharmacy, Substance Misuse Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy.

The keynote speaker was Professor Jayne Lawrence, Professor of Biophysical Pharmaceutics at King’s College London and Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Professor Lawrence spoke to the students about the pharmacists’ unique role within the healthcare team as experts in medicine, using practical examples to contextualise the importance of the integrated knowledge that pharmacists develop of science and practice.

Following the presentations, the students who attended were delighted to engage with each of the professionals over refreshments and gain valuable insight for their future careers.

Dr Barbara McKenzie from RGU’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, who arranged the event, said: “I first started these sessions as a response to student feedback that pharmaceutics was only interesting for people who were keen to work in that side of the industry and wasn’t relevant to community or hospital Pharmacy.

“We have had a large turnout of students for two years now and it is my hope that by embedding a greater appreciation for pharmaceutics at this stage in their learning, each of them will go on to become more effective healthcare professionals.”

Release by Jonathon Milne
Communications Officer | Health and Sport
Press and Media Enquiries