Opportunity knocks for Natasha

Fraserburgh student Natasha Ritchie has graduated from Robert Gordon University (RGU) with an honours degree in Applied Social Sciences after successfully completing an access course at college to further her studies.

Natasha RitchieNatasha (23) started third year at university after completing two years of Social Sciences at North East Scotland College as part of the 2+2 matriculation link between the two organisations.

The former Fraserburgh Academy pupil graduated with an honours degree from RGU during a ceremony at His Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday, July 14.

Natasha said: “I feel absolutely delighted to have graduated with a degree in Applied Social Sciences from RGU. I’m the first person in my family to go to university, I adore learning and I always knew I wanted to go.

“I did the advanced entry course and left college with a HND which meant I went straight into third year of university.

“The experience was very daunting as college and university are completely different and after all the stress after third year I did consider leaving as I felt I may not have the capabilities for the dissertation work in fourth year.

“However, my friends, family and tutors they assured me that I would manage fourth year so I decided to stay and thankfully it was the best experience.”

Natasha enjoyed studying social subjects at Fraserburgh Academy and was keen to continue learning about the area after she left school and went to college.

She said: “I’ve always enjoyed learning about how history has influenced today’s society, and why people behave, interact and develop the way they do.

“For me learning about people is very interesting due to the fact no one is the same and even if they are similar they all perceive the world in differing ways.

“I have always been fascinated with how people develop through infancy, how they change through hardship and interact within society.

“Religion, class and race are also significant factors which can determine how a person sees the world. However, learning about mental health and criminality attracted me to the course because you can learn more about why people break the norms and values of society, sometimes in extreme ways.

During her two years at RGU, Natasha has learned about the career opportunities which are linked to each of the modules she has studied.

She said: “I’m currently applying for employment opportunities linked to Human Resources in a number of charity organisations, the NHS and Police Scotland. I feel as long as I am interacting and helping people I will be very happy.

“I have always been interested in developing my skills and learning more and I’ve been doing other online courses such as Teaching English as a foreign language. I feel my educational career will never be over, I love to learn and I’m willing to learn more and do training to boost my career.

“I am extremely happy to graduate from a fantastic university, and my family are so proud of my achievements. I have really enjoyed my time at RGU even though it may be shorter than everyone else I feel that I have achieved a lot!”

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Ross AndersonCommunications Officer | Health and Sport