OPINION: Weathering a crisis takes skills and knowledge – Ella Minty

No one is crisis-proof: politicians, local governments, celebrities and businesses are all subject to the perils and pitfalls of a public crisis. While many crises can be avoided if proper mechanisms to pre-empt or remedy their tipping point are in place, some cannot be avoided.

Ella MintyAccording to a study commissioned by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, 28% of crisis spread internationally within the first hour, taking companies approximately 21 hours to issue meaningful external communications to defend themselves, and clarify the details of the crisis to their stakeholders.

For 53% of the companies who are listed on the stock exchange and were faced with a crisis, their share prices will not recover to the pre-crisis level even after one year since that crisis occurred.

What does this mean to us, the professional communicators? It means that we have a considerable role to play in advising our employers and clients on what constitutes an “issue” that may turn into a full-blown crisis, and that our advice will be very welcome when the crisis hits.

For Scotland and its public relations practitioners, the Robert Gordon University (RGU) CIPR Specialist Diploma in Crisis Communications will be the final step in providing our community with the right tools, concepts, frameworks and confidence to navigate the exceptionally complex landscape of issues and crisis.

The course shall explore the world of business and public sector, analysing the fundamentals of rapid response and data gathering, of cultural and unconscious bias, of human psychology and emotions, and of crisis preparedness.

From United Airlines to Donald Trump, from Brexit to terrorist attacks, and from specific examples to class role-play, we’ll look at a crisis from all its angles: human, public and business.

Taught via a blended learning approach, the course materials and online support will provide you with a wealth of theory and specific guidance while the two full day workshops will provide you with the hands-on practical ability to handle and react to a crisis. The workshop will also represent a unique opportunity for you to build your confidence, learn alongside like-minded individuals and be absolutely sure that your advice is based not on assumptions, but on informed knowledge and sound judgement.

Reputation, image, personality, credibility, timeliness and accuracy are your best friends in a crisis. Horizon-scanning, audience insights, sectoral knowledge, industry trends and stakeholder analysis are your greatest allies when issues start emerging. The CIPR Specialist Diploma in Crisis Communication will provide you with everything you need to become a confident, trustworthy, competent and respected crisis (response) communication specialist.

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Ella Minty

Ella Minty is a Founding Chartered PR Practitioner, CIPR Board Director, UK Government Communication Services and Institute of Directors mentor, published author and university lecturer. She has almost 20 years of high level government and international organisations experience in corporate reputation, leadership and crisis management, across business disciplines and governments.  

Ella has handled some of the most prominent international crises of recent times, developed the Leadership Development Programme for MENA young engineers and has also been an adviser to several governments on their national branding strategies. She is a member of McKinsey & Company Executive Panel and the Co-Chair of the Energy Leadership Platform (ELP), the first PR and Strategic Communication cross-sectoral Energy think tank in the world aimed at demonstrating the value of PR as a strategic management discipline.

Today Ella is taking on another challenge as the Workshop Lead for the CIPR Specialist Diploma (Crisis Communications) course which is launching at Robert Gordon University (RGU) in September 2018. She talks about the importance and relevance of crisis management in our world today and why it is paramount we have the correct skills and knowledge to be able to control any form of crisis.


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