Masters graduate Fiona encourages everyone to follow their dreams

Fiona Jack (49), who lives near Blairs, South Deeside, is to graduate from Robert Gordon University with a Masters in Fine Art this Friday, 4 December, at 2.30pm. 

Fiona, who is now working on a number of private commissions, as well as tutoring and volunteering her time at Woodend Barn, is delighted to be graduating as a mature student and would encourage everyone to follow their dreams. 

After ten years spent travelling, Fiona settled for a further ten in the Caribbean, where she ran her own business in functional art before returning to Scotland four years ago. Originally from Lenzie, just outside Glasgow, Fiona completed an undergraduate degree in photography at Napier University during the 1980s. She became more serious about fine art when she started painting her photographs and feels that she has discovered herself as an artist through the work and writings of Paul Klee. The vivid colours of the Caribbean have also been a contributory influence on the discovery of herself as an artist.

Fiona recently exhibited as part of Gray's School of Art's Masters Degree Show, showcasing her project entitled ‘Tones and Lines' that illustrates her personal journey, walking a fine line between light and dark.

Fiona said, "I really enjoyed studying for my Masters at Gray's School of Art. I learnt a lot about myself as well as my creative expression, and it was an amazing learning opportunity that I am extremely grateful to have challenged myself with. There are some areas I had no knowledge of, and I believe that doing my Masters has really expanded my outlook, understanding and insight on the interpretation of contemporary art."