Masters degree for Deborah from Drum

Deborah Wickham (37), who lives on the Drum Castle Estate, is to graduate as a Master of Arts from Robert Gordon University this Friday, 4 December, at 2.30pm. 

Deborah is a sculptor who showcased her unusual take on ‘big brother' as part of her Masters Degree Show exhibit at Gray's School of Art back in August. Deborah channelled her creative research into the surveillance of nature for her final show, which included pond life on six TV screens and a makeshift laboratory. A keen environmentalist, Deborah feels that people should be more aware of all the small things that are part of the ecological balance, and are important to preserve. 

Deborah had worked in everything from cleaning to double glazing before she moved to Scotland for a change of scenery. She had enjoyed art at school and was so taken by the Scottish landscape when she moved to the North east 10 years ago, that she started drawing again, before applying to Gray's School of Art to further herself. She completed a BA in Sculpture in 2008 before moving on to the Masters course. 

Deborah said, "I am so happy to be graduating this week and only wish my father could have seen me cross the stage. He died earlier this year and I know how proud he was that I reached this level in my education. 

"Looking to the future, I have a couple of possible collaborations lined up, both aiming to highlight links between science, art and ecology. I am confident that this will lead to some fascinating projects for me."