Lisa meets challenge of five-year plan

Seeing her younger sister graduate was the inspiration that Lisa Michie needed to encourage her to go back to university. Lisa, from Banchory, first went to university straight from school to study law, didn’t enjoy the course so she left and started working.

Lisa Michie, BA (Hons) Business Management

But after watching Nicola graduate, she sat down at New Year 2012/2013 and created a five-year plan for herself. She has now checked one of her biggest goals off her list by graduating from RGU with BA (Hons) Business Management.

“I’m delighted to be able to check this off my list before the end of 2017,” said Lisa. “I was working in a customer service role at Weatherford when I decided to start studying. I didn’t think I could progress through the company without formal qualifications so business management seemed the right choice.

“I had intended to leave work while I studied for my degree but through RGU I could study part time while I worked and continued progressing my career. Weatherford agreed to sponsor me through the course.

“I’m incredibly proud of having completed my degree, particularly while working full time. I was assured on a night out in my first year that it would be impossible to get a degree whilst working full time. I’m glad – and everyone else graduating from the part-time course is glad – to be able to prove them wrong. It is possible, it just takes a lot of hard work, time and commitment.

“One of the highlights has been meeting and working with my study group. The group was put together on the first day of the course and we graduate together on Tuesday. I would never have got to the end without their unwavering support and advice – academically, personally and professionally – over the past four years,” said Lisa.

“One of the challenges I had was having to change my dissertation topic in the months leading up to the deadline because of the oil and gas downturn. I couldn’t continue with the original subject due to its sensitive nature in the current market conditions. In January I switched the topic to the organisation downsizing due to the changes in the market and its impact on employee wellbeing within our company.

“I had a phenomenal amount of interest from Weatherford management and HR and from my colleagues who were all really engaged with the topic and willing to participate in the research and share their personal experiences. During all this, my study group was always on standby to help me out, give me suggestions and generally keep me sane.”

Lisa is now looking forward to using what she has learned to support her career development.

“My managers, Neil and Andy, have supported me throughout my course and career at Weatherford. I was promoted to supervisor during the restructure last year and hope to progress to being a manager in the company.”


Release by Kate Yuill
Communications Officer | Business, Management and Law
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