Lego provides building block for a career in fashion for talented Gray’s student

A talented fashion and textile student from RGU’s Gray’s School of Art is using Lego as the inspiration for her distinctive range of clothing, which will go on display at the Degree Show 2018.

Laura UkstinaLaura Ukstina (28), who is originally from Latvia and has been living in the North-east of Scotland for the last eight years, developed an interest in knitted textiles while working for JC Rennie as she saved up money to attend university.

Her dream of going to Art School came true in 2014 when she applied to Gray’s, where she will graduate this year after four years of hard work.

“I always wanted to study in university but unfortunately I could not financially afford to do it back in Latvia,” she said.

“Before choosing Grays school of art I actually was visiting a few art schools. I made my decision based on Gray’s amazing reputation and the homely, creative feeling within school.”

Laura’s bold and colourful creations are influenced by the Memphis design movement of the 80s and the popular toy building brick, Lego.

“I find really interesting to watch how children play with Lego, how they create amazing objects and then sometimes quickly change them or destroy them.

“Lego gives freedom and has motivated children to be experimental and creative.  I took this approach to my knitwear collection, I give a certain freedom to the wearer to decide how to wear my garments as there is not right or wrong way. All garments can be easily changed taking off some parts or adding others. Also, I believe that this could be sustainable approach to fashion as for example, you don’t need to buy new jumper you can just buy new sleeves and garment will look absolutely different.”

Laura’s creations will go on display at the Gray’s Degree Show 2018, which takes place at the art school from June 16 to June 24.

She will use the exhibition to showcase her work which has been refined over her time at Gray’s.

“I loved studying in Grays, but of course there been a lot of work and different challenges involved.

“I have found 4th year to be particularly enjoyable, as the final year is all about what you are, what your style is and what makes you unique. Often students in fourth year first need to answer to these questions for themselves and then they can move forward and create beautiful collections.”

Looking ahead to the future, Laura is hoping to build her own business selling her creations.  

“During 4th year I been slowly taking first steps to run my own business- Scarlet knitwear. I create colourful knitted accessories and sell them in online and local craft markets.

“In the future I hoping to run my little business full time and create new exciting knitwear brand.”

The Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2018 takes place at the art school from June 16 – 24.


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries