Law and Order sets Kirsty off on legal path

Kirsty Laura Henderson has always excelled at stubbornly arguing a point – irrespective of whether she was right on wrong.

Kirsty HendersonThat, plus watching The Bill and Law and Order on television, and some advice from her mum made choosing her future career path fairly easy. Five years later Kirsty, from Culbokie in the Black Isle, took the next step towards that career goal by graduating Bachelor of Laws from Robert Gordon University (RGU) on Tuesday, 5 December.

“Having seen me grow up determined to argue every point, my mum commented that might make me a good lawyer,” said Kirsty. “While it was suggested in jest, it made me think seriously about the legal sector as a career and what a law degree could do for me even if I didn’t pursue a legal career.

“I’ve always found the legal system interesting from wanting to be a policewoman after watching The Bill as a child to wanting to be a lawyer after watching Law and Order. But it was also the nature of how cases are analysed and decided that attracted me to the subject, aspects which are still true today.”

Kirsty said she picked RGU because of the smaller class sizes, the friendly atmosphere, the breadth of support and the future employability, all of which were important to her.

“I received medical treatment throughout my time at university for a physical disability which limits my mobility and causes chronic pain. I registered with the Disability and Dyslexia Centre and received an unprecedented amount of support, not only from the centre but from my lecturers. This meant that if I was having health problems, a bad health day or even a bad health week, I never missed out.

“I am really proud to have achieved my degree,” she said. “There was more than one occasion where it felt that making it to this point was going to be impossible but it is something I have fought and worked extremely hard for through great adversity. It still takes me by surprise sometimes that I’ve finally made it and I’m delighted.

“I’m profoundly grateful for all the help and support my family and friends have given me over the past five years, particularly my mum and dad without whom I most certainly wouldn’t have made it this far.”

Kirsty is now considering her future career options.

“I have always aspired to a career as an Advocate but this may be difficult due to my personal circumstances, however I will work towards making this possible,” she said. “Studying law allowed me to develop a range of skills and deepened my experience of humanities and social sciences.  There is also a focus on communication and we had to be able to critically and creatively answer tough questions and to present our answers professionally.

“Being able to stand up and discuss a case or argue a decision is a critical element of a law career but is also applicable to many other professions, so all of the skills I learned at RGU will undoubtedly set me up for any career, whether it is within the legal profession or not.”


Release by Kate Yuill
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries